Book Endorsements

Using Test Data for Student Achievement

“Sindelar’s book, Using Test Data for Student Achievement, is a lucid and useful guide to understanding the essential importance of data, standards and curriculum alignment.  It will help educators at all levels to promote better instruction and, hence, higher levels of learning.”

— Mike Schmoker, speaker, consultant and author

“Nancy W. Sindelar is a wonderful example of Fullan’s systems thinker in action. In Using Test Data for Student Achievement, she combines her knowledge of research and practice to offer wonderful examples of what schools can do to meet the challenge of learning for all students.”

— Richard DuFour, educational author and consultant

Assessment-Powered Teaching

“We always hear about ‘data-driven decisions’ but rarely find the information on how to use the data in one place.  The book is a one-stop shop for using data to facilitate student learning…it provides a practical, hands-on way to handle a task that many teachers find insurmountable.”

Nancy Foote, Teacher, Higley Unified School District

This book is a must-have for any group of educators that want to get into ‘the nuts and bolts’ of what students are learning (or not learning); it sets teachers up for success.”

Donna Adkins, First Grade teacher

Assessment-Powered-Teaching is straightforward and yet gentle in taking the reader from an understanding of assessment to the pragmatic collection and use of data to the necessary and critical process of professional and collegial dialogue to not only improve student learning but to improve the craft of teaching as well.”

Susan Imamura, School Principal

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